Cycling is more than just recreation. For some, it’s a way of life.

There are cyclists who would likely opt to live on their bicycles (if it were logistically possible and far, FAR less uncomfortable). But for now, they have to settle for the time they can bond with them.

If you’ve landed at this post and are not of the tribe that wishes to dwell 24/7 on a bicycle, you may be flummoxed as to what the ideal cyclist gift is when a birthday or other holiday rolls around.

The good news is, there is no shortage of great gift ideas for cyclists. But the bad news is, there is no shortage of great gift ideas for cyclists. (See what we did there?)

So now the question is, how do you know where to start without getting overwhelmed?

Here’s your simplified guide to cyclist gifts – from the practical to the whimsical, the stocking stuffer to the technological wonder.

You’re bound to get inspired by something. And if you’re a cyclist looking to treat yourself, you’ll definitely get inspired.

Group One – Practical Cyclist Gifts for on the Road

Headlights and tail lights

More people are cycling as a means of transportation these days. Sometimes they’re heading to and from work or errands in the dark. There are many different headlights and tail lights on the market, depending on a cyclist’s needs.

In most cases, lights are as crucial for cyclists to see where they’re going, as they are for being seen.

Cup carriers

For many cyclists who commute, the cup holder is indispensable. If you’ve ever tried to jam a latte into your water bottle cage, you know what a disaster that can be. (Unless you like scalding burns on your calves.)

The cup carriers keep your coffee upright and easily accessible.

Phone protector/wallets

For a long time, the go-to for protecting one’s phone and other valuables while cycling was a simple plastic bag (like a bag you might use for a sandwich). But even if your valuables didn’t share their space with a sandwich, the plastic bag was a flimsy solution at best.

But even if your valuables didn’t share their space with a sandwich, the plastic bag was a flimsy solution at best.

Today, there are wallets and protectors with zippers and weather-resistant shells to keep everything safe and dry.


The helmet is a necessary piece of gear for all cyclists.

One helmet that’s generating a lot of buzz is the Smith Overtake Helmet. Not only does it look cool, but thanks to its AEROCORE construction, it keeps riders both cool and safe from hard crashes. It’s won a whole bunch of awards.

But be sure that if you’re buying a helmet for someone else, you know their style. Buying a helmet can be a very personal experience. Which brings us to the next category.

Group Two – Whimsical Gifts for Cyclists

Artsy stuff that relates to cycling

If you’re not feeling confident enough to venture into the practical gifts for your cyclist friend, then take a shift to the more artistic side.

You’ll have no trouble finding gifts with some artistic flair that offer a ton of bicycle-themed artwork, jewelry, and even cute seat and handle covers.


Yeah, okay. It’s more high falutin’ than it sounds.

But books about the history of cycling, or biographies of famous cyclists, or even bizarre facts about bicycles could be just the weird sort of thing the cyclist in your life doesn’t already have.

Cool clothing

Again, clothing can be a personal choice. But you can have oodles of fun finding bright socks, decorative vests, rain jackets and wind-blocking beanies that put the fun back in functional. (We had to go there.)

There are even novelty jerseys.

One of the more versatile gifts this year though are winter collars. They’re great for recreational riding or city commuting and provide effective protection from the cold.

Group Three – Cyclist Gifts for the Financially Strapped

Patch kits

These are a must-have for any cyclist because you never know when a shard of glass and cavernous pothole are going to conspire to stop your ride.

A basic patch kit is all a cyclist needs to patch up their tube and get back in the saddle.

Quick release fenders

There’s nothing enjoyable or fashionable about having a strip of filthy water up your back while you’re riding.

And it doesn’t even have to be raining for it to happen.

These quick and portable fenders simply slide out from under the bike seat to protect the cyclist’s back and legs from a drenching pulled up from the wet road.


This one might not be obvious to the non-cyclist. But any cyclist will tell you that one of the biggest struggles is not hitting the wall. Not literally, of course. Rather, energetically.

Consuming things like organic chocolate, energy bars and wafers, electrolyte replacement powders, packets of trail mix or granola, and meat jerkies are all great sources of nutrient-dense energy.

And they fit nicely into a stocking.

Non-chapping balm

Yep. Cyclists get chapped.

One of the better balms on the market is Mayron’s Good Chap Stuff Balm. It’s great for lips, cheeks, hands, and virtually anything else that’s been chapped by the cruel winds of cycling. This stuff is made from 99.7% natural ingredients and has no chemicals.

It’s also a great organic skin soother.

Group Four – Technological  Gifts for Those Less Financially Strapped

Bike computers

Hard-core cyclists like to track their progress.

A bike computer gives them all the feedback they could ever want – including the amount of energy put out, Vo2 and height climbed. Some of them even have features where they can connect to live segments so that cyclists can compete with friends online.

Wrist-mounted GPS watches

Similar to the unit above, but this one is mounted to the cyclist.

Many of them have full-color screens, WiFi along with Bluetooth, and wireless connectivity so the progress tracking continues, even when the cyclist has left the bike. Begrudgingly.

Wheel upgrades

Wheel upgrades can do a lot to improve the performance of a bicycle. But they can also do a lot to decrease the performance of your wallet.

If this sort of upgrade is available to you, be sure you know exactly what the cyclist (if it isn’t you) is looking for.

Right now, the Easton EC90 Carbon Tubular Wheelset SRAM is getting some serious press. They’re low-spoke count carbon tubular wheels that are designed especially for flat or rolling road races and time trials. They’re light, aerodynamic, and built for speed.

But they ain’t cheap.

A new bike!

We’re really just throwing this in for good measure.

This should only be a consideration if the cyclist in your life has already picked out the perfect “machine,” sized it up for his or her needs and you happen to have the extra cash floating around to make it happen.

So see, finding the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life isn’t so tough after all.

We hope this guide helped. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Happy shopping!