Mothers Day is around the corner so I have asked Mother Dear to write us a blog – Fitness, health and spiritual well-being from a Mother who never had goals to be in the fitness industry. Now she owns a gym!

I am a 56-year old woman, that’s been in the fitness industry for the last 8 years. Strangely enough, I never had goals to get into the fitness industry, nor did I ever imagine that I would work as a personal trainer. I have been on a journey since my early 20’s researching and experimenting in holistic health, as well as physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I have always had an intense curiosity of ‘why’ and ‘how’!

We live in a highly competitive, demanding and pressurised society. Life’s challenges are very often difficult for many to withstand. Emotional and physical suffering is prominent. Consider self-destructive behaviour, addictions, anxiety disorders and suicide. Physical illnesses are all around us, sometimes, in their hordes. There are constant demands placed upon each of us, either directly or implied that are present in our society.

Through various channels, by the time we are teenagers we receive clear messages that to be successful one must be thin, rich, attractive, powerful, self-confident, invulnerable and able to cope with all forms of personal and professional challenges, AND have an exciting profession. Nowhere on the list is the concern for the well-being of others, and more importantly, for ourselves.

Individuals become unable to cope when their inner resources, whether physical or emotional, are not strong enough or well-developed enough, to maintain a healthy capacity to challenge ones fears and take care of themselves; to become healthy, empowered human beings. It has become more and more evident that there is a strong link between, ‘mind, body and spirit’ and illness, either physical or emotional. So why do we suffer emotionally, mentally and physically? Why are we like we are? Who are we? How do we escape or transform these hurtful, lonely and disempowering conditions? All questions that sent me on a quest for answers.

My curiosity and the driving force of my own emotions and difficulties, and an iron will to find ways of healing and transformation, put me on the road which has led me to where I am today. I was relentless! I learned that we are not just our physical body but also much more. We have a mental, emotional and spiritual body as well. They are all interconnected one affects the other.

Through the awareness and acceptance of what we are thinking and feeling, confronting whatever is keeping us stuck or causing us pain and suffering, be it emotional or physical, we need to equip ourselves to be able to work through most situations without the need for medication and/or stimulants to ease or eliminate the pain. In fact medication and stimulants are often mere Band-Aids we put on top to cover it up or to bury it. There are various channels/platforms of healing and personal transformation that are hugely effective if followed correctly and consistently. Here are four that I have studied, researched and experimented with, that I believe are the foundation of vibrant health and wellness.

  1. Nutrition – a balanced and healthy diet can go a long way
  2. Exercise – benefits the physical, mental and emotional body. It reduces symptoms of stress and releases endorphins that make us feel happy; it helps lower blood pressure, keeps the heart and lungs healthy and strong; it assists in maintaining a healthy weight…to name but a few
  3. Psychology – again there are many forms of therapy out there today. Psychotherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique, journey work (Brandon Bays). The list goes on. They are powerful beyond words…
  4. Meditation/Mindfulness – it moves mountains in all aspects of life! If there were one book I would live by it would be ‘The Power Of Now’, by Eckhart Tolle

I learnt  “The part can never be well unless the whole is well”, Plato

Negative emotional states affect our physical body often in the form of illness, as does poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle and an untamed mind. And vice versa. An unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and an untamed mind, affects our mental and emotional state. All of these also have an impact on our spiritual sate, and our spiritual state has an impact on them.

I researched, studied and read numerous self-help, personal transformation, spiritual, physical fitness and nutritional books. I listened to CD’s, watched videos, attended courses and practiced different forms of meditation/mindfulness. However, it didn¹t stop there; I had a desire to learn more about the human body and the benefits of physical fitness. Not wanting to practice as a personal trainer, I joined up to do a Personal Trainers Course merely for my own interest. Well soon after completing my course I was approached to help out at a small fitness studio, which I did. I loved every minute of it and after working there for 6-months the owner offered to sell the business to me. Penniless at that stage I accepted the offer and agreed to pay it off over three years. We continued to grow and soon we had outgrown the studio and needed to find bigger premises, which I did 16 months ago.

Today I am the proud owner of Off The Wall Health And Wellness Centre. The centre offers personal fitness, physiotherapy, psychology, biokinetics, a beauty salon and a health/juice bar. The circle is compete – holistic health and wellness.

I live by the principles of:

  1. It’s never too late
  2. Never take anything for granted
  3. You can accomplish great health: physically, mentally and emotional, through diet, exercise and mindfulness
  4. Turn your pain into pleasure and your passion into profit
  5. Hope is not a plan