Fitness, health and spiritual well-being from a Mother who never had goals to be in the fitness industry. Now she owns a gym!

Mothers Day is around the corner so I have asked Mother Dear to write us a blog – Fitness, health and spiritual well-being from a Mother who never had goals to be in the fitness industry. Now she owns a gym!

I am a 56-year old woman, that’s been in the fitness industry for the last 8 years. Strangely enough, I never had goals to get into the fitness industry, nor did I ever imagine that I would work as a personal trainer. I have been on a journey since my early 20’s researching and experimenting in holistic health, as well as physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I have always had an intense curiosity of ‘why’ and ‘how’!

We live in a highly competitive, demanding and pressurised society. Life’s challenges are very often difficult for many to withstand. Emotional and physical suffering is prominent. Consider self-destructive behaviour, addictions, anxiety disorders and suicide. Physical illnesses are all around us, sometimes, in their hordes. There are constant demands placed upon each of us, either directly or implied that are present in our society.

Through various channels, by the time we are teenagers we receive clear messages that to be successful one must be thin, rich, attractive, powerful, self-confident, invulnerable and able to cope with all forms of personal and professional challenges, AND have an exciting profession. Nowhere on the list is the concern for the well-being of others, and more importantly, for ourselves.

Individuals become unable to cope when their inner resources, whether physical or emotional, are not strong enough or well-developed enough, to maintain a healthy capacity to challenge ones fears and take care of themselves; to become healthy, empowered human beings. It has become more and more evident that […]

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9 Reasons to Take Up Running (Really!)

“I don’t need to jog, because I cycle,”-  Nearly every cyclist alive, when told they should take up running.

If you’re a serious cyclist you’ve probably already had this conversation before. Many times. And you probably shut it down as quickly as it comes up.

No, I don’t need to jog, thank you very much. That’s why I have the bike.

Biking is better in every way. It’s faster. It’s low impact.

And running sucks.

These arguments are well-thought-out and rehearsed, and in some cases make a lot of sense. But, there is actually a number of perfectly valid reasons why a cyclist would take up jogging. So just hear us out…
9 Reasons to Take Up Running (Really!)
1.  It Burns More Calories
Of course, cyclists will tell you that cycling burns more calories.

And of course, runners will tell you that running burns calories. There’s a lot of personal bias going on there.

But, Dr. Edward Coyle of the University of Texas recently published that a cyclist would need to ride 20 miles at 15 miles an hour to burn the same number of calories that a runner can burn by running 5.63 miles at any pace.  And cocky runners would love to tell you that, “there is no coasting when you jog.”
2. Impact Activity Isn’t Always Bad
We know, we know.  Running is an impact activity and puts more pressure on your bones and joints.

And cycling is much easier on your skeletal structure. But a bit of stress on your bones and joints isn’t always a bad thing.

Impact does help your bone density, so you don’t always want to baby your skeleton.
3. It Can Be Done Anywhere
Of course, you have made cycling as portable as humanly possible.

You didn’t buy a new roof rack […]

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9 Long Distance Cycling Tips to Ride Off into the Sunset

Long distance sports inspire the best in most of us. If we aren’t on the road or trail, we’re secretly wishing we could be.

The long miles are a comfort to a long distance cyclist. You have nothing but the open road ahead of you and your home-life troubles behind you.

Profound thoughts bloom like springtime blossoms as you pump yourself farther across the landscape. And your body rewards you with those addictive endorphins every endurance athlete adores.

But you want to get the most out of those miles. You’re already benefiting from long distance cycling.

You’ve suited up properly, but you always crave more out of your rides.

Reaping those long distance rewards requires a bit of strategy. And if you aren’t getting the full distances you want, perhaps we can help you achieve your goals.
Start Small To Work Up To Long Distance Cycling
Long distance cycling is relative. To some ten miles is long distance.

To others, 100 miles is long distance. So, when we say “start small” that’s relative too.

First, ask yourself what level you’re at. If you’re cycling every day, how far are you going?

Your daily cycling distance should be your starting point.

If you want to plan a long distance cycling trip, give yourself at least six to eight weeks to work up to it.

Increase your mileage by ten to twenty percent every week. If you were riding at a moderate distance, you should have built up the miles.

If you can’t afford to take the time to build up the miles in this manner, do shorter miles during the week and longer miles on the weekend. Your weekend miles should be at least double your weekday miles.
Pedal At A Cadence When Long Distance Cycling
You might be one of those people […]

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Killer Cyclist Gifts Perfect for the Biker in Your Life

Cycling is more than just recreation. For some, it’s a way of life.

There are cyclists who would likely opt to live on their bicycles (if it were logistically possible and far, FAR less uncomfortable). But for now, they have to settle for the time they can bond with them.

If you’ve landed at this post and are not of the tribe that wishes to dwell 24/7 on a bicycle, you may be flummoxed as to what the ideal cyclist gift is when a birthday or other holiday rolls around.

The good news is, there is no shortage of great gift ideas for cyclists. But the bad news is, there is no shortage of great gift ideas for cyclists. (See what we did there?)

So now the question is, how do you know where to start without getting overwhelmed?
Here’s your simplified guide to cyclist gifts – from the practical to the whimsical, the stocking stuffer to the technological wonder.
You’re bound to get inspired by something. And if you’re a cyclist looking to treat yourself, you’ll definitely get inspired.
Group One – Practical Cyclist Gifts for on the Road
Headlights and tail lights
More people are cycling as a means of transportation these days. Sometimes they’re heading to and from work or errands in the dark. There are many different headlights and tail lights on the market, depending on a cyclist’s needs.

In most cases, lights are as crucial for cyclists to see where they’re going, as they are for being seen.
Cup carriers
For many cyclists who commute, the cup holder is indispensable. If you’ve ever tried to jam a latte into your water bottle cage, you know what a disaster that can be. (Unless you like scalding burns on your calves.)

The cup carriers keep your coffee upright and easily accessible.
Phone protector/wallets
For a long time, […]

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Cycling Tips for the Winter Weather: Keep Warm While You Ride

Winter is upon us. But don’t let a few snowflakes and a little bit of cold force you to hang up your bike and forgo winter weather cycling!

It might seem more convenient to stay indoors where it’s warm. But those reruns and frequent showings of holiday movies on television are gonna get old fast.

Plus, there are benefits to cycling in the winter.

Not only are you getting some good ol’ exercise and staying in shape, but you actually burn more calories. Your body has to work harder and burn more fuel to keep warm outside.

Shorter days in this season can alter your mood and increase the chance for winter depression. But cycling outside will help improve your mood and keep you happy as your body creates more endorphins.

Most importantly, cycling in the winter can be just as fun as any other season. All it takes is a few minor extra preparations.

You can then be outside in the fresh air, enjoying yourself and your love of cycling.

Keep the following tips in mind and find freedom instead of being trapped inside the stuffy house. Unless you want to relate to everyone else in the spring, when they are complaining about the extra pounds they gained.
Clothing for Winter Weather Cycling
It’s a little bit obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less important (if not the most). It’s gonna be cold out there, so make sure you are wearing the proper clothing.

It may seem like a good idea for some thick layers of fleece and waterproof material, but don’t forget that you will be sweating.

If that sweat is trapped under your clothes, you will become wet and cold, which is counterintuitive to what you are trying to accomplish.

The wisest option is […]

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The festive season and beyond


The festive season and beyond

The festive trade is underway and the support has been great, we have seen improved online sales, not just locally but from around the globe. There has also been interest from bloggers, media and retail. Several reviews are due out shortly and we are going to feature in a double-page spread from the awesome magazine Bikes Etc. Our first print feature!

This will be the last Christmas to see our original Christmas design, so if you’ve got one, hold on to it! Who knows, it may become a collectable

We’re also retiring the Black/Blue and White/Grey pop art designs, but don’t stress we are going to keep the design for another year and it will be back with new colour variations.

2016 will see 2 new designs: one from South Africa – a ‘camo with love’ design, and a ‘manga illustration’ from Uruguay. We are also heading to London later this month to discuss a licence opportunity, very exciting but as nothing has been signed and sealed we will wait till our next blog to offer more!

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Chirstmas 2015

Jingle all the way….

This time last year we released our first range of sportswear that featured a fun and quirky design that broke from the norm; our knitted Christmas jumper print was a hit and we pleased to say it’s BACK!! This time, we have more stock and have added a couple of new items to the range.

The range now consists of the following

Men’s cycle jersey
Ladies cycle jersey New
Ladies short sleeve top
Men’s short sleeve Tee
Ladies racer-back New
Long sleeve Tee, unisex

This Christmas will be the last time our original design will be available, however work has begun on a new design and a sneaky production run may even see us release some units for December 2015 – in time for Christmas.

Wishing you a fantastic festive season

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REdbEAR News

Some REdbEAR news…..


Switzerland has recently received its first REdbEAR garment. We have now shipped to 11 countries and look forward to our next international customer.

Talking international, our friends in South Africa got innovative with our Pop Art design and used it for the Wanderers Men’s hockey team. We understand that they were quite the hit…. NO! Please DO NOT pardon the pun.



We received our first ladies racer-back top. And it’s AWESOME!!!! Why is it awesome? Because of the Italian polyester, mesh side panel, flat-lock stitching, rear pocket and great design, nuff said!

We have our talented freelancer working on our second Christmas design. Sorry I know it’s only September but if you think its poor form to mention Christmas this early, then know this, my wife has already started counting down the weeks, in fact we’re now into days…



The Nuts Challenge, after a few months off it was great to join the masses and get muddy. With little training we completed the course (1 x lap) in 1 hour and plenty. The good news is that once again our Tech-Tee’s took a hiding and came out spotless after their post race wash.


FREE SHIPPING on all base layers.

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Compression wear

Nowadays you can pretty much find compression wear being worn across all sports; the question is, does this gear really work?

Perform a quick online search and you will find over 1,700,000 results which got me thinking – do I want to write a blog about the engineered seamless woven fabrics that improve blood and lymphatic flow?

The answer is NO! Looking at the amount of people sporting tights, sleeves, socks, shorts and tops, suggests that there must be some benefit even if it’s ‘all in our heads’.

I’m sure for the elite they may look to compression wear to improve performance or recovery, but there are a number of reasons compression wear has become a big part of sports apparel. I used to play football with a guy who wore a compression top to help hide his expanding waistline! And some people may rush to the nearest stockist to purchase a calf sleeve at the first sign of stiffness. My point is, no matter what your reason, they have their function.

Personally I have a pair of tights which I use as an extra layer on my winter runs; a compression top (short- and long-sleeved) which may or may not be worn! And a pair of compression shorts which are used in fairer weather. I would also like to note that I ALWAYS wear running/training shorts over my compression shorts and tights and this is something I would like to encourage ALL men to do… but would happily hear the thoughts from the ladies!

Our gear is made from a 250gsm high stretch fabric (92% polyester 8% spandex) and constructed with flat-lock stitching.

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Dirty Weekend

Ratrace Dirty Weekend 2015

After a year had passed it seemed that it could a good time to revisit the Dirty Weekend obstacle race. So on the 9th of May team REdbEAR found itself once again taking on the 20 miles and 200 obstacles, well almost 200, and raised just over £2000 for SUDEP and Grafham and Smithbrook Cricket Club

This time last week I was busy packing (race kit included our custom made tech-t) and thinking to myself that I would be happy just to finish and I did! However this time it was different, in fact better than 2013 and that is because the team crossed the finish line together. 6hrs 44mins…. doesn’t sound great especially when you think the winner did it in 2hr 44min.

I am by no means an ORC fanatic and would have very little else to compare it to but I find it an extremely rewarding event and the sense of accomplishment lingers for days. Plus I doubt many events are able to create such an amazing and festive atmosphere.

The race itself presented many challenges, apart from the obvious obstacles and distance. For me it was the well placed sharp edged stones whenever you had to crawl under something, or how they managed to keep the clay pits just wet enough to prevent you from climbing out, and it seemed that every time you encountered the next water hazard, you had only just dried out from the last dunking!

Looking forward to 2016

Now I’m off to build lego.

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